Homework Is Practice

Understanding math concepts and formulae is not a onetime thing. It needs continuous practice.

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Homework comes with various advantages that are essential in developing the wellbeing of a student in education matters. But the question remains; does homework make a student smarter? The education sector has seen many institutions drop homework as a way of helping students pass their examinations. Institutions have been doing so based on research conducted to determine the value of homework to students. Some studies show that homework is beneficial, and some show that it doesn’t improve student’s performance. Opponents of homework believe that homework has no relationship with fostering good grades among students

Most people will have their way of thinking when it comes to identifying the gravity of homework on student performance. But in some way, homework has a role to play in improving the student in various aspects. When a student practices consistently in a given area, then there is a likelihood of the same student enhancing success in the same area.

Recollection of information learned all through the day doesn’t just occur immediately after content delivery. There is always an optimal time in which students come to understand and equip themselves with the already taught concepts. A homework, therefore, is a way of enabling learners to remember some of these concepts through questions revolving around the previously taught topic. It is, therefore, essential for teachers to develop strategies that are geared towards utilizing the time students understand concepts better. They can do so by assigning manageable chunks of homework.

Homework will improve the smartness of a student regardless of research conducted against it. Indeed, homework can also fail to improve the students’ performance, and this is because the personnel tasked with issuing assignments or homework doesn’t put some factors into consideration. Should tutors give homework, then we are possibly going to see a change that can be imposed on homework. The downside of it is that most teachers haven’t undergone thorough training on homework and, as a result, do things blindly and unknowingly. So, it’s better to incorporate programs that educate teachers on how and why homework should be administered to attain the desired goal, which is a success.

The student will become smart for the kind of homework being issued. You cannot expect learners to improve by giving them unworthy assignments. By unworthy tasks, we mean tasks that are beyond learner’s ability and those which involve things that haven’t been taught. So, for a learner to succeed and become smarter with assignments, instructors, or teachers should be at the forefront of assigning rightful and manageable tasks.

Tasks that boosts a student’s knowledge should be assigned frequently. When the learners find enough time to do these tasks from home, they gradually develop their way of understanding. Homework will help the students change their negative way of understanding things and help them adopt a clear view of things. Suppose a student didn’t understand a given concept in class and even finds it much hard to follow the same idea within a classroom full of students. There is always a possibility of the student understanding the concept at a specific time. Probably, this time can be during homework, and with homework, a lot can be expanded on the idea basing on the fact that research is part of homework.


There are various views of the goodness of homework to a student. But homework is vital in enhancing the learner’s way of understanding and gaining knowledge. As a result, the student benefits a lot and doesn’t retain the initial level of expertise. With time, learners become smarter and smarter.

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