Homework Is Practice

Understanding math concepts and formulae is not a onetime thing. It needs continuous practice.

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Homework gives a learner a good challenge when it seems a bit hard. There are days you’ll find yourself struggling to complete your homework during the night. The struggles come to beat the deadline for the homework or just complete the homework to get rid of stress related to it. In the process of enforcing homework completion, you’ll discover that time for sleep is near, and your eyes are too heavy to look at books once more. There are even some cases where students find themselves on the table doing assignments past their usual time for sleep. You will, therefore, be left to choose between sleeping and having your homework done. Though it’s a tricky situation, it is better to be wise when making decisions.

Most students, and especially those at college, will have extra duties to do apart from classwork. With these duties, they might find themselves having limited time for doing homework. Once they think of doing the homework, it is already time for sleep, and they are exhausted. But being in such a situation doesn’t guarantee one to assume and neglect any homework. Instead, a learner should find out ways of balancing between homework, studies, and work outside class.

Importance of homework

We cannot underrate the essence of homework to a student. Homework is always meant to ensure that learners remember concepts taught during classwork and also ensure that learners adopt working independently. With homework, students can have a clue of what is to be taught the next day.

Through homework, students can enhance skills such as self-drive and self-discipline. Time management skills are also improved with consistent homework trials. Homework comes with various advantages for the students. Therefore, there should be some emphasis on how children handle and respond to homework given to them by their tutors.

Now that we’ve seen the essence of homework, we are therefore going to understand why sleep is essential. In classes, you will often encounter learners who are active throughout the learning session and those who are dozing off and probably losing concentration on what is being taught by the teacher. You can be mistaken for thinking that active learners are always disciplined ones, and those dozing off are the unruly ones. If you believe in the same way, then you are wrong. Activeness in class comes as a result of having sufficient sleep. Having enough sleep enables you to handle different future challenges.

Therefore, it is essential to determine well on whether to choose sleep or homework. In some cases, a student can be exhausted from the day’s serious learning. It is, therefore, essential to be lenient to oneself by having some sleep rather than pushing on with homework with a tired brain. But this doesn’t imply sleeping when the desire for sleep arises. Also, it is essential to avoid overworking yourself to complete the homework. Give yourself a grace period of relaxing your mind through rest. Wake up when fresh and proceed with your assignment to completion.

It is also better to avoid finding yourself in such cases. To avoid finding yourself in situations where you have no more time for homework, you can avoid procrastination at all costs, prepare a schedule for managing your tasks on time, and even seeking professional advice from experts.


In conclusion, the quest on whether to sleep or do homework should be handled wisely. When you feel too exhausted to complete a tedious assignment, consider having some sleep, and wake up when your mind is fresh. Lastly, keep in mind that rest is necessary and also schedule your time accordingly so that you are not exhausted and sleepy when your homework needs completion.

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