Homework Is Practice

Understanding math concepts and formulae is not a onetime thing. It needs continuous practice.

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Mention then term homework, and students will seem moody and stressed. Many students dislike homework due to some negative impacts associated with it. The cons of homework explain why learners are worried when tutors mention about homework just after a whole session of studying a given subject. Different persons have different perspectives on homework. Some prefer homework to be the best way of impacting already-learned knowledge into students, while others consider homework as a burden to students. Students will often query themselves on why tutors assign homework.

Advantages of homework to students.

  • It instills the discipline of consistent practice.

There is always boredom associated with similar tasks again and again. But in the real sense, doing homework frequently and repetitively is one of the best ways of instilling consistent practice in students. Repetition of tasks enhances students’ skills.

  • Brings about parental involvement

Many children will complain of a lack of enough time with their parents. Homework draws parents closer to their children to determine their academic progress. Tutors should always advise parents to engage themselves with students while doing homework. By doing this, parents can learn the academic achievement of students as well as what is taught in class. 

  • Good time management skills

Homework is not just destined to make children engaged. With frequent homework, learners develop the skills that are essential in managing time. Learners should schedule themselves and assign enough time for each task. Gradually, the learner develops independence and even acquires problem-solving skills. Furthermore, the learners understand researching at an earlier stage.  

  • Good communication skills

Apart from the above advantages, homework enables students to create a proper communication network among parents, teachers, and students, it provides extra time for completion of uncompleted class tasks, reduces time spent by students on screens, among many more.

Disadvantages of homework

  • Takes away students’ free time

Sometimes, tedious homework is a burden to some students and can extend into a time scheduled for other activities. Homework can deny students enough time to socialize, engage with friends, and refresh themselves by playing games of their choice.  

  • Homework can lead to a lonely lifestyle

Sometimes, students can be forced to stay in one place for a couple of hours just in the name of doing homework. As a result, the student will start adopting a sedentary lifestyle, which is sometimes harmful to the health of the student. Sedentary lifestyles are associated with premature death as children transit to adulthood. Though homework is helpful, it should be assigned to students considerably.

  • Sometimes homework doesn’t support the needs of all students

Not all students have the ability to access various resources. Low-income students are likely to have a hard time when it comes to accessing multiple unaffordable resources needed for the homework.

Other disadvantages include

  • Discouragements in creating endeavors
  • Difficulties in reinforcing homework
  • Too much unmanageable work.


Different people will have different views on homework. This article has just explored some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with homework. Students should always consider homework as an essential part of their learning, but tutors should also assign the homework considerably. It is an unfair practice to assign students with homework that is far much beyond their capabilities. A lot of homework gives the student pressure, and in turn, stress becomes part of the learner’s life.

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