Homework Is Practice

Understanding math concepts and formulae is not a onetime thing. It needs continuous practice.

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Like most things in life, a good education is about finding a perfect balance. Some educators believe in the importance of homework as a measuring tool for students’ aptitude across several subjects or areas of study. Other educators feel that school homework puts unnecessary stress on students and is being given to them more for traditional reasons rather than practical. No matter what side of the fence you sit on this debate, there is no denying that students at most educational institutions around the world will likely have to continue to do homework for years to come. This article deals specifically on the positives that come from requiring students to commit a few hours after class working on take home assignments.

It Can Improve Test/Exam Scores Across Areas
“What is homework?” We have all come to understand it primarily as a means for assessing a student’s progress in school. But there is also some research suggesting that homework directly correlates and is indicative of how well a student is likely to perform on tests and exams. Researchers believe that the more assignments a student does the better he or she will score on testing because of the extra practice.

Establishes Prioritizing and Organizing Skills
With no homework there wouldn’t really be an activity requiring people to develop prioritization and organization skills until they are adults. Take home assignments serve as a habit forming tool which challenges students to consider their different tasks and assigning a figurative weight determined on importance and difficulty. Over the years these develop into hardened skills adults apply to their lives each day both professionally and personally.

It Can Develop Strong Sense of Responsibility
When students ask us “why is homework important?” we’re quick to point out that it is one of the first things for which people are responsible in their lives. While there is no direct correlation between assignments and the kinds of responsibilities one has to deal with as an adult (e.g., bills, family, jobs, etc.) there is a direct connection to the sense of responsibility overall. This can only be developed over time – time spent doing what so many students wish they didn’t have to do.

It Serves as a Self-Sustaining Success Motivator
Lastly, take home assignments can serve a sort of self-sustaining tool to motivate students to work even harder. The sense we get upon completing a difficult task often has the positive effect of 1) reward and 2) enthusiasm. The second is enthusiasm towards wanting an even greater challenge. It’s in our DNA to be challenged and seek even more once we’ve mastered or conquered one piece.

We certainly hope that this sheds some light on the benefits of homework and why it’s important that students, like you, do everything you can to excel in this area. There are a number of free and professional resources available to you online and there are always traditional resources to found at your educational institution. For more information, feel free to contact an expert on the web who can answer questions more in-depth and provide you with one-on-one assistance whenever you need.

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